Factory TurboCharged Mazda RX7 Rotarys - The evolution of Revolution?

Mazda RX7 Turbo's

Mazda is synonymous with the rotary engine

...a company and a product that have been inseparably linked since the release of the first rotary powered 'Cosmo Sports' coupe back in 1967. And with the world spotlight forever shining on the progress of the rotary engine, Mazda has been recognized world wide for their technical achievements with it.


  The Mazda RX7 Turbo

The Mazda RX7 Rotary (Non-Turbo) first gained prominence on the race tracks of Australia driven by Alan Moffatt, a Canadian most feared by his competition when driving a Ford Mustang or an Australian Falcon.

The turbocharged rotary engine is popular in dedicated drag cars as well.


The History and Technology of the Rotary Engine

Mazda has always stayed in touch with its buyers and has been a leader in innovation. In 1978 the first generation 12A powered RX-7 took the world by storm, exceeding production expectations and causing traffic jams at the dealerships. The rotary engine had found its true home and Mazda had found the heart of the sports car lover. The RX-7 achieved immediate success with "Car of the Year" awards across the globe and major racing victories at events such as SPA and Daytona. The RX-7 made its own name on the Australian circuit with victory in the Australian touring car championships of 1983 and 84. A 2nd outright at the 1983 Bathurst 1000 during the height of the V8 era proved just how formidable the rotary could be, giving cause to the many traditional racers changing their V8 cars for rotary power. 

10A RE
10A RE

The History and Technology of the Rotary Engine

Ever since the first shipment of (10A) R-100 coupes back in 1969, Australian enthusiasts have been in love with this remarkable engine and the cars they have powered. The (12A) RX-2 achieved a 'giant killer' reputation at a time when the V8 was unchallenged on Australian roads. The (12A) RX-3 followed, proving very popular both on and off the race track. One of many racing at that time caused more than a worried look after placing fifth outright in the 1975 Bathurst 1000. A new level of refinement was created with the (13B) RX-4 and virtually no other car could match its performance and luxury package at the same price. In 1976, the (13B) RX-5 gave Australians an even newer level of luxury in a coupe with performance to match its looks.



12A RE
13B 13B RE




A new fuel injected 6 port version of the race proven 13B rotary became standard equipment for the second generation or series IV RX-7 of 1986. Moving up market to become a more civilised sports car, the 13B rotary was given a turbo option boasting 137 kW by employing a newly developed twin scroll turbocharger to take full advantage of the engine's strong exhaust pulsing. The turbo was obviously the production 'rocket' factory had intended it to be and was now competing against the established marquees on the world market. The RX-7 was voted "The sports car to own for the everyday driver" by much of the world's motoring press. Refining an already excellent product, the 1989 RX-7 kept Mazda ahead of the pack of ever emerging sports cars. With 146 Kw on tap from the totally re-developed 13B turbo engine, RX-7 sales again surged ahead of the field. Notable publicity from local Mazda racer Gary Waldon winning numerous production car titles fulfilled the 'win on Sunday sell on Monday' cliche.



13B-DEI            13B-Turbo
13B-DEI            13B-Turbo


In 1991 Mazda achieved arguably the ultimate accolade for the rotary engine, victory at the Le Mans 24 Hour. It was a first for a Japanese car manufacturer and a first for the rotary engine. The Mazda 787B prototype sports car took on the world's best for 24 grueling hours to finish all three entered cars in 1st, 6th and 8th position. Producing over 700 hp the R26B quad rotor engine was peripherally ported and incorporated steeples variable induction plus three plugs per rotor (instead of the usual two).

It is through the severity of racing in events such as these that the current generation rotary engine has evolved.




787B Sports Car
787B Sports Racer
When designing the third generation RX-7,Mazda's engineers knew what they wanted - a no compromise sports car that could take on the world and win. To achieve this the world's best engine had to be made better. A 20 per cent jump in power from the series V RX-7 engine to 176 kW with a weight reduction to 1310 kg had the new series VI RX-7 establish itself as the up market leader. The world's best selling sports car had now become the best 'value for money' sports car. Mazda chose to race the RX-7 from 1992 until 1995 under production car rules winning the prestigious Bathurst 12 hour endurance race each time whilst toppling big buck challenges from various Porsche models and other marquees. Recently a demonstration of the RX-7's rotary power and amazingly smooth aerodynamics where shown when a three rotor 13G powered version tamed the 1000 hp under its bonnet to set a new class speed record of just under 400kmh on the salt flats of Utah U.S.A.

The twin turbo 13B engine in the series VII version RX-7 was then improved yet again. With power output now standing at 194 kW, it gave unprecedented performance coupled with the ultra smooth power delivery that makes the rotary engine legendary. Mazda wouldn't have it any other way.


RX-7 Sports Car
Mazda RX-7


Today's Rotary Engine

The 13B REW twin-rotor engine fitted to all third generation RX-7s can trace its origins to 1974 when Australians first drove the RX-4.

A lot has changed through the years of development. As fitted to the 1974 RX-4, the carbureted 13B produced 95Kw @6500 rpm and 174 Nm of torque @4000 rpm. Later versions employed a unique sequential twin turbo system to produce 176 Kw at 6500 rpm and 300 Nm of torque @ 5000 rpm. Torque output was increased throughout the rev range with as much as 255Nm available at a low 2000 rpm. Maximum RPM was been raised to 8000 and the rotor's compression ratio of 9.0:1 necessitated premium grade unleaded petrol.

The engine inherited the basic 13B geometry and epitrochoidal dimensions of 654 cc for each of its two rotors. However in 13B REW configuration, many of the rotary's major mechanical and electronic systems received extensive modification. Among the many internal upgrades were a thin wall cast-iron rotor with fully machined combustion recesses to ensure uniform combustion. Apex seal slots were hardened to resist wear. Modifications have also been made to the aluminium rotor housing around the "hot spot" spark plug area for more coolant flow. The engine's induction, exhaust, cooling and lubrication were modified or redesigned when compared to the series V RX-7 engine.

Cooling and lubrication are vitally important to an engine producing the power the 13B REW. Both rotors are kept cool by splashing them internally with oil. Internal lubrication is via an electronically controlled metering system that reduces oil consumption by 25-50 per cent compared to the previous method of supply to the intake and trochoid chamber combined.

Lubrication is fed under high pressure to the eccentric shaft bearings via a high-efficiency multi port rotary pump. The heated oil is then sent through two oil-coolers (one in each of the nose vents ) before being re-used. A lightweight aluminium and plastic radiator, fully shrouded and slanted sharply to lower the RX-7's nose was fitted up front. Maintaining the correct temperature is a pair of three stage thermo fans and keeping the flow is a lightweight aluminium water pump.

The fire in the new 13B REW was supplied by the world's first volume-production sequential twin turbocharger system. It produced more power than a conventional twin turbo setup where both turbos boost at once, and suffered far less turbo lag. The advantage of the sequential system was the ability to utilise a small and large turbo at the same time. At low rpm the 51mm diameter turbo with its "impact" blade design spools very quickly, providing boost from as low as 1500 rpm. At a calculated point the second 57mm diameter turbo is switched on, giving full boost all the way to the 8000 rpm redline.





























































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